Can Tim Tebow make it in baseball?

The Tim Tebow show is back as the New York Mets have invited the former NFL quarterback to participate in spring training. Tebow is a polarizing figure in sports, and many pundits believe his ego exceeds his talent. Critics say he's not good enough to make it in the big leagues; this is just a marketing ploy. But the Mets' hitting coach says Tebow is a gifted athlete who has what it takes to go pr…

Should the Charlotte Hornets trade Kemba Walker?

The Charlotte Hornets have put star guard Kemba Walker on the trading block. While he has been their best player in recent years, he hasn't been able to carry them far in the playoffs and the team could use a rebuild. Still, many fans feel moving Walker would be a mistake and he is still talented enough to keep around until the team is better. What do you think? 🏀…

Who is the 2017 NFL MVP: Tom Brady or Todd Gurley?

Two players have separated themselves in the NFL MVP race. Perennial candidate Tom Brady has led the New England Patriots to another AFC East Championship while leading the league in passing yards and ranks among the top three in passing touchdowns. However, Todd Gurley has had himself a season, helping the Los Angeles Rams turnaround the team's success by leading the league in rushing yards and r…

Is Eli Manning finished in New York?

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning tenure with the team moving forward is looking shaky. Manning has been the face of the franchise for over 13 years, but his game has slipped and some fans think he has nothing left to offer the team. Still, this is a two-time Super Bowl MVP. Once he has a good team around him, he might regain his form. Should the Giants move on from Manning? 🏈…

Should Patriot fans panic about Tom Brady's hand?

According to reports, New England quarterback Tom Brady injured his throwing hand after a teammate accidentally ran into him during practice. Brady is the cornerstone of this Patriots team, and if he's dinged up that could be the end of this championship run. However, the Patriots have a habit of using their injury reports as a means of misdirection and Brady's "injury" may not be as serious as fa…

Who should lead the U.S. Olympic delegation: Mike Pence or Tonya Harding?

The U.S. Olympic delegation has selected Vice President Mike Pence to lead them in Pyeongchang for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. While he is the VP, many think Pence is a bit too stiff to represent us. Others say he's no friend to the LGBT community, many of whom are competing. Some believe the delegation should choose disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding. She was an Olympic athlete and her imag…

Are the Cleveland Browns really picking Josh Allen No. 1?

ESPN's expert NFL Draft picker Mel Kiper released his first mock draft with a little surprise at the top. Instead of having the Browns picking Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen, Kiper has Cleveland picking Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen. With his size and a strong arm, Allen is a juicy prospect the Browns would understandably take. Still, the Browns could be giving false information and Allen may not be t…

Greatest tennis player of all time: Serena Williams or Roger Federer?

Roger Federer is arguably the greatest man to ever play tennis, but is he the greatest tennis player of all time? Federer is competing for his sixth Australian Open title, a championship Serena Williams, the greatest woman to play the sport, has won seven times. Serena has won 23 Grand Slam championships, including one where she was pregnant. However, Federer is known as the greatest men’s player…

Should the NFL cancel the Pro Bowl?

It's that time of year. The votes are in and the Pro Bowl is coming. While some of the best and brightest stars of the NFL will show up in Orlando, many athletes feel the Pro Bowl is an unnecessary game. Players will forego playing to nurse injuries from a long season and the game ends up being a defenseless exhibition. Still, the Pro Bowl is a fun event for players to mingle with stars from other…

Should rodeos be banned?

Rodeos have been a part of American culture since the Old West. But with allegations of animal cruelty becoming a regularity, many are wondering whether the tradition is too cruel to keep up. Animals are subjected to being thrown around and other types of abuse that many do not see. If animals can't be treated with respect, the sport should end. Still, many rodeos have taken steps to make events m…