Is it wrong to fat shame the president?

After White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson gave a rundown of the president’s health, the Internet had a field day making fun of Trump's weight. But is it acceptable for Trump's critics to joke about "the girther movement"? Sure, presidents are always caricatured and ridiculed, but fat-shaming sucks—maybe Trump's critics should save their critiques for his policies. Then again, when has Trump ev…

Will you be attending the Women's March?

The 2017 Women's March attracted attention across the globe for being the largest single-day demonstration in recorded U.S. history, with an estimated 4 million people attending. But a lot has happened in a year. Women's March organizers angered many when they invited Bernie Sanders to open the Women's Convention, and some female activists in red states have created their own groups focused on dis…

Is the president obligated to eat healthy?

After White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson claimed President Trump is 6'3" and 239 lbs, many questioned the accuracy of the physical. According to The New York Times, President Trump drinks 12 Diet Cokes per day and his McDonald's order consists of "two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted." Many wonder if, as president, Trump is obligated to take better care of himself. But other…

Should the Republican Party abandon President Trump?

Sen. Jeff Flake unleashed a scathing indictment of President Trump on the Senate floor, comparing the president to Joseph Stalin. Some are asking if the GOP should abandon the president as the Mueller investigation heats up and Trump's approval ratings continue to hit new lows. But many Republicans remain loyal to their volatile leader: Paul Ryan, Steve Scalise, and Mitch McConnell are still staun…

Should U.S. churches have to pay taxes?

The Trump administration recently announced that houses of worship damaged during natural disasters will be able to receive funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Some claim this violates the separation of church and state, and if churches wish to receive federal funds, they ought to pay taxes like everyone else. Others argue religious institutions maintain tax-exempt status be…

Is it wrong for lawmakers to boycott the State of the Union?

A number of Democratic lawmakers have announced they will not be attending President Trump's State of the Union address, with Rep. Maxine Waters asking "Why would I take my time to go and sit and listen to a liar?" Many are applauding Waters' decision, and believe other Democrats ought to follow suit. But others argue missing the State of the Union is spiteful and disrespectful to both the preside…

Who should be blamed for a government shutdown: Democrats or Republicans?

Republicans have been negotiating with Democrats to reach a deal that protects DREAMers in exchange for border security funding, but President Trump rejected the latest bipartisan DACA deal. Since Republicans currently hold power in both houses of Congress, many believe they will be blamed if a shutdown is triggered. But others argue Democrats will shoulder the burden. They have always presented t…

Would Chelsea Manning make a good Senator?

Chelsea Manning has confirmed she's running for Senate and plans to take on Democratic Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin in the Maryland primary. The former US Army intelligence analyst was found guilty of leaking more than 700,000 government files to WikiLeaks in 2013. Critics say even if Manning did not betray the country, she isn't qualified to be a senator. But her supporters say she is a whistleblower…

Would Martin Luther King Jr. support Black Lives Matter?

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, many are debating whether the Black Lives Matter movement of today resembles the Civil Rights movement of the 20th century. BLM activists argue icons like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks have had their legacies whitewashed, and were treated like radicals in their time—just like BLM. But others argue BLM is antithetical to the peaceful approach of…

Which news channel is better: MSNBC or CNN?

MSNBC and CNN broke viewership records in 2017 and both have been repeatedly attacked by President Trump. MSNBC has long been considered the more left-leaning news channel, with hosts including Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Joy Reid. But CNN is also home to a number of beloved anchors like Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, and Don Lemon. Behind Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are the most popular net…