Should Kamala Harris run for president in 2020?

Many believe Kamala Harris is just who Democrats need to lead the party to victory in 2020. The junior senator from California has become a rising star due, in part, to her role on the Senate Intel Committee. Harris has had a long career in public service, serving as California's Attorney General under Gov. Jerry Brown. But others believe she is too "corporate" and inexperienced, and should step...
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Was Jimmy Carter a good president?

Historians have long debated the legacy of Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States. Some argue he was the best person to ever serve in the Oval Office―a man of principle and an authentic outsider with a huge heart, as evident in his post-presidential actions. But others say his presidency was an abysmal failure defined by unsuccessful policies, a botched hostage crisis, and a bad...
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Should texting and walking be illegal?

A New Jersey town wants to ban texting while walking in the street, and Mayor Bill de Blasio is considering a similar law in New York. Honolulu passed the Distracted Walking Law in 2017 which allows police officers to ticket people for texting in a crosswalk. The city of Honolulu argues the law protects pedestrians from stepping in front of moving vehicles, but others believe a penalty of up to...
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Who do you trust more: Stormy Daniels or President Trump?

Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who claims she had an affair with Donald Trump, filed a defamation lawsuit against the president. Daniels says she was threatened with violence to keep quiet about the affair and was recently arrested in an Ohio strip club in what some believe was a setup. Daniels is suing the president for making false, disparaging accusations against her on Twitter. But...
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Is Trump Putin's puppet?

In a 2016 debate, Hillary Clinton accused then-candidate Donald Trump of being Vladimir Putin's puppet. Her critics scoffed, but many political observers say she was right. Trump frequently praises Putin, defended Russian aggression in Ukraine and Crimea, proposed inviting Russia back into the G-7 and created rifts with our Western allies to Russia's benefit. But his supporters scoff that...
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Are Republicans and Democrats basically the same?

Many Americans are disgusted with our two-party system and say there's no real difference between Republicans and Democrats. Both parties take millions from insurance companies, Wall Street and Big Pharma, and critics say all of them just do the bidding of their corporate donors. But others argue that on issues like abortion, health care, the environment, criminal justice and the social safety...
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Is it wrong to make fun of President Trump's hair?

A video of President Trump's unfortunate scalp reveal went viral, but some say the focus on the president's hair (or lack thereof) is superficial, mean and beneath discussion. Yes, all presidents get ridiculed, but Trump supporters say the jokes about his appearance go too far. Even his critics say we should be talking about his policies, not his combover. But others argue Trump is basically the...
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Should we bring back dueling?

Our politics are more divisive, chaotic and vulgar than ever, and some feel the only way to make it better is to bring back real consequences for bad behavior. Alexander Hamilton lost his life to Aaron Burr in a duel, and dueling was once used as a way for both men and women to defend their honor and hold others accountable for their words and actions. Maybe it's time to bring back dueling so we...
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Do you agree with Starbucks' decision to get rid of plastic straws?

Starbucks announced it will phase out the use of disposable plastic straws globally by 2020 and instead use "new recyclable strawless lids and alternative-material straw options." Advocates say plastic waste is "one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world," and Starbucks' ban on plastic straws is a good thing. But others argue the plastic straw ban has unintended consequences...
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Is abortion wrong?

Pro-life advocates say abortion is immoral because it ends a human life. They say the potential for life is a sacred thing that must be protected at all costs. Pro-choice advocates say just because a fetus has the potential for life doesn't mean it has the same rights as a living person. More importantly, no one has the right to tell a woman what she can or can't do with her body, and forcing...
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