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Streaming with The Tylt: These Netflix brackets have all the recs you need

Many of us are going stir-crazy in our homes while we social distance and quarantine to keep ourselves and others safe during the coronavirus pandemic. But there are plenty of ways we can stay entertained and free our minds from worry around the world. The Tylt's answer: watching the best of what all our favorite streaming services have to offer and you voting on your faves! And we're starting off with our Netflix favorites across genres!

Each Tuesday, The Tylt is serving you with a new streaming bracket and a new category of shows that you need to check out so you can fall in love. While we want you to spread the word about your favorite shows to stream, we also want to update you week-to-week with the new rounds of each bracket. So click the link to follow Streaming with The Tylt to receive text alerts about what to stream and vote on! 

Our Senior Fandom Editor—me, Deron Daltoninvites you to vote for your faves on Bracket Tuesdays. Throughout the week, I'll keep you posted on when new rounds open, and I want to hear about what else we all should stream while we quarantine. And don't worry, I'll also text you with tips on whether your show is flying or about to flop in a race for the most votes!

"Text me, and I'll text back!"

Oh, before I forget, be sure to check out our Tylt recommendations list below about the brackets that are ready for you to vote on and/or check on the results! Be sure to check here, too, each week to see what I got for ya. Now let's get through this together y'all—one stream at a time.

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