Do we really need a men's rights movement?

The #MeToo movement has some men arguing their rights are being eroded. Men's rights activists complain they're getting pushed aside in popular culture, and say that from "Dr. Who" and "Star Wars" to "Ghostbusters" and "Ocean's Eight," women are displacing men. But from Hollywood to Washington DC, newsrooms to boardrooms, white men still dominate pretty much every hall of power, and many critique…

Should commercial surrogacy be banned?

As Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed a baby girl born via surrogate, some asked whether commercial surrogacy is ethical. France, Germany, Italy, and Spain prohibit all forms of surrogacy. At the Princeton Journal of Bioethics, Varun Bhave argues "Commercial surrogacy is inevitably built on the vulnerabilities and financial needs of surrogates." But surrogacy offers some (such as gay male coup…

Should cooks be banned from boiling lobsters?

Switzerland has banned cooks from putting live lobsters in boiling water, which is how they are traditionally killed and prepared. Proponents have always said crustaceans lack a central nervous system and thus don't feel pain. But animal rights groups point to a 2013 study that showed crabs attempted to avoid electric shocks, which would indicate they do feel pain. Skeptics insist lobsters are bas…

Would you rather work from home or go into the office?

The modern office might be going the way of the fax machine and the overhead projector. Many say the Internet has made in-office work unnecessary: 43% of Americans spent some time working remotely last year. Why not skip hellish commutes and just work from the comfort of your couch? But others say remote work fosters miscommunication and disconnection. Many telecommuters miss the camaraderie of th…

Is working from home more or less productive?

Around 43 percent of American employees spent some time working remotely last year. With increasingly effective tools for getting work done anywhere, the data indicates that the remote-work trend is here to stay—telecommuters report greater job satisfaction and higher productivity. But many workers say they need the structure and camaraderie of the office to be productive. They're just not as effe…

Do you leave your bed on a snow day?

There's no reason to leave your bed during snow days. Schools are closed for a reason. Your boss closed the office for a reason. That reason is that so you can stay in your warm and toasty bed and hibernate for the day. There are no other options on a snow day. But others see snow days as the perfect time to get out and play. There's nothing quite like seeing your city covered in fresh snow. Do yo…

Is it wrong to order delivery in a snowstorm?

It's snowing out, you've never been good at keeping the fridge stocked and instead of getting groceries last night you decided to binge-watch "Stranger Things." Is it okay to order delivery? Snow or not, you still have to eat—besides, you're paying for them to deliver it anyway. But some people say if it's too nasty outside for you, you're kind of a jerk if you're making someone else do it for you…

Should Aziz Ansari be canceled?

Babe.net published an anonymous account by a woman accusing comedian Aziz Ansari of sexual misconduct. Ansari acknowledged her account in a statement, saying that "by all indications" their interaction "was completely consensual." Critics say Ansari's behavior was appalling, and some argue it was outright assault. His defenders say the accusations are unfair, and the accuser is devaluing the #MeTo…

Should all workers get Martin Luther King Jr. Day off?

The third Monday in January is a federal holiday honoring civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr. Yet, only 42 percent of businesses give their employees a paid day off. "Federal holiday" just means nonessential government employees get a holiday, but corporations aren't legally required to give employees any days off. Critics say we should honor MLK and the civil rights struggle with a paid hol…

Do you like the new Diet Coke makeover?

In a bid for more millennial dollars, Coca-Cola is revamping Diet Coke, rolling out brand-new Diet Coke packaging plus four new flavors (Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange, and Twisted Mango). Diet Coke sales have been slumping, and some consumers like the look of the new slim cans and fresh colors. Others say if they wanted a LaCroix they'd just buy one. And history shows Coca-Cola co…