Is spanking child abuse?

Spanking has largely fallen out of favor among parents, but some still swear by it. Proponents of spanking say children need discipline to grow up to be well-adjusted adults and spanking should be an available tool for parents. Critics say spanking is cruel, ineffective, and akin to child abuse. Many child behavior specialists also cite evidence that spanking erodes trust with adults. No one...
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Should trophy hunting be banned?

Trophy hunters kill roughly 105,000 African animals every year, including 600 elephants and 800 leopards. Hunters say there's nothing wrong with a well-managed trophy hunt. Hunters pay large fees, which often go toward conservation efforts or the local community. But critics say trophy hunting is disgusting, especially when the animals being killed are endangered. Go hunt some deer if you require...
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Would you rather meet your significant other IRL or through a dating app?

A recent study of 14,000 engaged or recently married Americans showed 19 percent of couples met online. But some people are still into finding a mate the old-fashioned way: in real life. Some millennials fear they've lost the skills to meet romantic interests IRL, and others have had such negative experiences with online dating that they're sick of swiping. But it's 2018 and there's nothing wrong...
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Is it embarrassing to admit you met your partner on a dating app?

Everyone's meeting online these days, but some people are actually ashamed to say they met their partner on dating apps or social media. One writer reports hearing couples insist "We need to come up with a cute story because I’m not telling our grandchildren we met on Tinder." But in today's always-connected world, it really shouldn't be shameful to find someone online. Is it really that much...
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Would you use Facebook to find a date?

Many millennials find love on dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, and Bumble... but why not Facebook? The social media behemoth offers single people plenty of photos and romantic status info, as well as clues to a potential match's personality and politics. Some say Facebook beats Tinder for finding dates. Facebook is even rolling out its own matchmaking feature. But others say Facebook has ruined...
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Would you rather eat chicken wings or chicken tenders?

Fried chicken is pretty delicious but people can't agree on its ultimate form—wings or tenders. Chicken tenders are a no-fuss way of eating fried chicken. It's fried chicken without the mess or the work. Chicken wings are messy, but when cooked just right, they're so, so delicious. The bone keeps the meat at just the perfect level of tenderness and adds much-needed flavor. Which do you prefer? 🍗
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Best fried chicken: KFC or Popeyes?

People feel strongly about their fried chicken. KFC and Popeyes are at the top of the fried chicken food chain—second and third, respectively, in the fried chicken market (trailing only Chick-Fil-A). KFC's time-tested, secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices has won itself many loyal fans over the decades. But Popeyes' cajun flavors and extra-crispy skin wins hearts and minds every day. Which side...
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Should circumcision be banned?

A growing movement is pushing for male circumcision to be banned for minors. Critics argue circumcision violates a child's rights to have their body intact. It's medically unnecessary and violates a person's right to make decisions about their body for themselves. Others argue a ban on circumcision would discriminate against Jews and Muslims—circumcision is a sacred ritual for both religions....
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Should marijuana be legalized?

Nine states and Washington D.C. have legalized cannabis, and advocates argue the rest of the United States should follow suit. According to Gallup, 64 percent of Americans now say weed should be made legal. Proponents of marijuana legalization say the plant is safe, has legitimate health benefits and is fun to use recreationally. But prohibitionists say marijuana legalization is bad for society...
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Are pit bulls too dangerous to own as pets?

Some places, like Miami-Dade County, ban pit bulls because the dog breed has been deemed as too dangerous to own. Pit bull safety advocates say the breed naturally has a stronger bite and is more aggressive than most dogs. Pit bull owners say pit bulls aren't actually more dangerous. It depends on how the owner raises the dog. What do you think? 🐶
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