Are assigned seats at movies the best or the worst?

There's nothing new about going to the movies, but the process for claiming your seat has changed quite a bit. Suddenly, movie theaters across the country are only offering assigned seating, requiring movie-goers to secure their tickets further in advance. Some welcome this change and appreciate the assurance of walking into the theater knowing exactly where their seat will be. Others say...
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Best pasta dish: Mac and cheese or spaghetti?

Both are amazing comfort foods in their own right. Some say mac and cheese is the ultimate easy, delicious meal. It offers smooth, cheesy nostalgia in every bite. Others argue that spaghetti is a step above, bringing sophistication and romance to the table. When it comes down to it, which would you rather have? 
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Should celebrities stay out of politics?

Kanye West and Taylor Swift find themselves on opposing sides yet again. Kanye visited the Oval Office and delivered one of the most bizarre press gaggles in recent history. Swift used Instagram to endorse a Democratic candidate and encouraged her followers to vote—prompting thousands to register at Vote.org. Some say celebrities' involvement in politics cheapens the democratic process by...
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Would you trust yourself with over $1 billion?

The Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots total out to over $1 billion. This is one of the largest combined jackpots in history, so it's understandable why most are salivating at the prospect and running to the local convenience store for tickets. But for some, so much money on the table makes them uncomfortable. Some people just don't want the responsibility of all that cash. Are you waiting in...
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Should caffeine be regulated like alcohol or tobacco?

You've likely already consumed anywhere from 100 mg to 400 mg of caffeine today, or roughly one to four cups of coffee. Some experts warn of the dangers of over-consumption of caffeine, saying that many people are not aware of just how much they ingest in a single day. This group claims that caffeine should be regulated like other addictive substances. Others argue that caffeine, although...
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What's better: Halloween or Christmas?

With Christmas comes family traditions, gift-giving, and wishes for peace on earth. Although it's a Christian holiday, 8 out of 10 non-Christians in America partake in the festivities. But for some, Halloween is the most wonderful time of year. Known for decades as the gay Christmas, Halloween is more subversive. Its roots are pagan and offers opportunities for costumes, makeup, and silliness....
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Should you use a washcloth in the shower?

While most of us bathe regularly, there is some debate on the most sanitary way to do so. Some people are appalled to hear their friends don't use a washcloth or loofah to wash all the goop and grime away from their bodies, saying it's gross to reuse the bar of soap over and over. Others think soap is a self-cleaning entity–the bar will be just as clean after you use it as it was before–so...
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Is it your civic duty to get a flu shot?

According to the CDC, 80,000 people died from the flu last winter. Many people say that getting a flu shot is not only common sense, but also your civic duty. Flu shots are critical to avoid spreading what can easily become a deadly disease. Others believe if they are typically healthy, or if they've never gotten the flu, it's not necessary to get the flu shot. After a record-breaking flu season,...
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Are clowns terrifying or entertaining?

After the latest adaptation of Stephen King's "It" for the big screen, it's hard to believe that some people aren't afraid of clowns. Yet, clowns still frequent birthday parties, the circus, even your local fall festival. Many people claim clowns are their worst nightmare, while others say clowns remind them of their childhood. Are clowns creepy or harmless? 
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Is it okay to send Venmo requests for less than $5?

Most social platforms have developed their own etiquette rules. On Reddit, you don't self-promote; on Instagram you don't post more than once a day. But on Venmo, etiquette reflects both modern and conventional perspectives on money. Everyone uses transactional apps like Venmo, from penny-pinchers to the laissez-faire, so the ground rule can get muddled. Some say sending a Venmo request,...
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